6-week Animal Management 2020 course for KS3 and KS4

This short course focuses on the study of Animal Management/Animal Care and is aimed at those who are between the ages of 11-16 (or working to a KS3 or KS4 Science level). This course focuses on domesticated and pet animals and their care, which separates it from the weekly “Living Planet” lessons (which focus on wild animals).  This Animal Care course originally ran live between September and October 2020 – however, this is now offered as a full recorded course.

For the cost of £18, this recorded course includes:

  • Six, 1-hour recorded lesson videos (offered via private YouTube links)
  • A PDF worksheet “pack” which includes 6 worksheets (one for during/after each lesson)
  • All of the PowerPoints/slides used for each of the six lessons which you can download as a PDF

The lesson topics are as follows:

Lesson one: Breeds and Breed History

Lesson two: Animal Psychology

Lesson three: Animal Health

Lesson four: Animal Nutrition

Lesson five: Animal Welfare and Legislation

Lesson six: Animal Anatomy and Physiology


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