Halloween Biodiversity: Spooky Wildlife Special on 30th October

Why not spend the day before Halloween learning more about the iconic animals and nature associated with Halloween, like bats and spiders, or lesser-known spooky-themed animals, like vampire squid, ghost sharks and more… and learn why ultimately, Amy thinks they’re amazing, and not so scary after all!

From the deep-sea vampire squid that can cloak itself in a cloud of bioluminescence, to the ghost shark that can sense its prey with an electric field, to the witch flounder that can change its color and shape to blend in with the ocean floor, these animals will amaze you.

Booking closes at 9am 30th  Oct

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"We live over in Germany and came across Amy last year. We're so glad we did. Her classes are perfect for kids, just the right level of chat /explanation /fun /pictures. My daughter started taking part in zoology classes at age 5, and she's doing some key stage 2 science now. She's a household name here."

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