Introduction to Botany 6-week Course 2020 for KS3 and KS4

This Botany course takes an in-depth introduction at the scientific study of plants for ages 11-16 (or those working to a KS3 and up to KS4/GCSE science level). This course ran live in 2020 – however, this is now offered as a full recorded course.

For the cost of £18, this recorded course includes:

  • Six, 1-hour recorded lesson videos (offered via private YouTube links)
  • A PDF worksheet “pack” which includes 6 worksheets (one for during/after each lesson)
  • All of the PowerPoints/slides used for each of the six lessons which you can download as a PDF
  • A PDF certificate of achievement

The lesson topics are as follows:

Lesson one: Introduction to Botany terms

Lesson two: How plants gain energy – photosynthesis and parasitism

Lesson three: How plants gain energy – Carnivorous plants

Lesson four:  Mosses

Lesson five: Ferns

Lesson six: Algae and lichens


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