Home to the Living Planet zoology webinars, where you can explore the wonders of the animal kingdom.

Fun and affordable daytime webinars and courses, specialising in Biological Sciences, Zoology, Ecology, Natural History, Botany, Mycology, Palaeobiology and more. 

Hi, I'm Amy!
I am the founder and course provider at eLearn with Amy.

What are the benefits
of online tutoring?

Learn about the key benefits of online tutoring below.

Learn From Home

All you need is a comfortable seat, and a computer to watch from.

Flexible Schedule

Recordings are available if you missed a live lesson.

Lower Costs

Webinars are affordable, and there are no hidden fees.

"I highly recommend Amy! She is fantastic with kids and makes learning fun. My kids really look forward to her lessons every week."

My Classes

Find out more about my different classes below!

"Our daughter is absolutely loving Amy's wonderful classes. Amy is so warm, friendly, professional and completely engaging with everything she says, from the beginning of each lesson right up to the end! She's a wonderful Teacher."

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