Links to book current webinars below. Please click on the relevant booking link to see specific topics, dates and times of each webinar class.

Living Planet (Zoology)

Weekly Zoology “Living Planet” (animal biology) classes for children and teens who love animals and the natural world.

Bookings are now OPEN for the Oct-Dec 2023  7 week half term block of classes. 

Try out a sample recording on this page (see left).

Book directly in just a few minutes, via the buttons belw below – there are two age groups and time slots! Click each button for more info.

BioBlast: Weekly Fun and Creative Exploration of Biological Sciences for 11-16 year olds (KS3 and KS4)

Weekly KS3 and KS4 Biology (More advanced than Monday KS2 Science).

 Not curriculum based –  Each term (7 week block) we follow a new fun biological sciences theme with a twist. 

Booking open now for the half term taking us up to the Christmas break!

 This term’s theme is:  Biology Mythbusting

This term will explore common biology ‘facts’ and will separate fact from fiction.  From myths about the human brain, to misconceptions about the common cold, there is a lot to explore!

Marine Science IGCSE course

A pre-recorded, fully flexible distance learning option for Marine Science (for 14-16 year olds). First 4 units out of six are out now! You can see a free taster session sample recording on this page.

Click the button below to find out more or to purchase the course units:

KS2 Science (7-11 year olds)

Weekly KS2 Science. Each term (6-8 week block) we follow a new theme. This time it is Geoscience! Booking open until 30th Oct 1pm for the Oct-Dec 2023 term of 7 weeks.

Other Courses

As well as weekly long-term webinars such as Living Planet, I also offer occasional short courses on certain topics. Some of these are ran live, and can then also be purchased as recordings afterwards. Some are ran as pre-recorded courses only. Click the buttons below to find out more:

"My daughter is currently doing the 'Living Planet' course with Amy and absolutely loves it. She is so energised and inspired by Amy's enthusiasm for her subject and takes so much from the webinars, which then turn into her own projects. We are thrilled to have discovered Amy and this course!"

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