Animal Care and Welfare 6-week Course for Littlies - KS1-KS2

This 6-week recorded Animal Care course allows children to learn about our responsibility to care for pet and domesticated animals. The course includes six, 30-minute video lessons to watch in your own time; a worksheet pack (one worksheet to go with each video); the PowerPoint slides included in each lesson; and a printable PDF Certificate of Achievement.

This recorded course is designed for 5-11 year olds and introduces young children to the following concepts below:

  • What is animal welfare?
  • What is animal cruelty?
  • The Five Animal Freedoms
  • Caring for cats and dogs
  • Caring for rodents (rats, hamsters, guinea pigs)
  • Health checking animals
  • Feeding animals and animal accommodation
  • Caring for exotic pets (reptiles, African land snails, budgies)
  • Animal Minds (Learn about pet intelligence!)
  • Working animals (Assistance animals, pack animals, etc)


This course ran live on Zoom in 2021, but can  be caught up by purchasing this full recorded version of the course. If you are looking for upcoming live courses instead, please go to this page: 


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