KS2 Science: The Human Lungs (with model lung making) - 15th November 2021 lesson recording

This KS2 Science lesson for 7-11 year olds (or anyone working to a KS2 Science level!) focuses on learning about the human lungs.  As part of the lesson, I demonstrate how you can make your own very simple “model lung in a bottle” To follow along, you’d need: one plastic bottle (that you can cut the bottom of it off), scissors, one elastic band, two balloons, scissors, one straw, and some playdoh/clay (only need one chunk of it!).

Please note this is a recorded lesson. This lesson aired live on 15 November 2021 on Zoom. To book upcoming live lessons instead of purchasing recordings, please go to the “classes” page of the website.

This recorded lesson pack includes…

  • 30 min recorded video lesson with optional follow-along practical
  • 2 worksheet PDF
  • 1 PowerPoint presentation


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