KS2 Hands-on Science: The Teeth (with playdoh model making and an experiment!) - 28th February 2022 recorded lesson

This recorded lesson is for 7-11 year olds and teaches all about the teeth. To follow along with the included hands-on ideas and experiments, you should have the following while watching the lesson- one of the following liquids: orange juice, coca cola, vinegar; one of the following pretend “teeth”: an egg (or just the egg shell!) or a piece of chalk. Also, you may like to have playdoh or clay to hand to follow along with making a model tooth. Please note this is a recorded lesson. This lesson first aired live on 28th Feb 2022 on Zoom. To book upcoming live lessons instead of purchasing recordings, please go to the “classes” page of the website.

This recorded lesson pack includes…

  • 30 min recorded video lesson
  • 1 worksheet PDF
  • 1 PowerPoint presentation


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