IGCSE Biology recorded course: Module 5/5 (9 total recordings to finish the course!)

This is “module five” in my full pre-recorded iGCSE Biology course, which (in total) consists of 49 Biology lessons and is perfect for 14-16 year olds, or anyone working to an iGCSE/KS4 Level. This product is to purchase the fifth and final module, consisting of 9 total lessons (lessons 41-49 in the recorded course)

This recorded lesson pack includes access to a dropbox folder that will contain…

  • A total of 9, thirty-minute recorded lessons. 
  • Access to the PowerPoint slides used for each lesson 
  • A worksheet pack containing a separate worksheet (with 5 questions each) for every lesson
  • An end-of-course certificate of completion PDF 



Lesson 41: food webs and pyramids

Lesson 42: Carbon and nitrogen cycle

Lesson 43: Pollution and greenhouse gases

Lesson 44: Biological resources: making yoghurt, the process of fermentation, and making bread

Lesson 45: selective breeding

Lesson 46: Genetic engineering

Lesson 47: Think Like A Scientist (what are variables? How do I keep my results reliable?)

Lesson 48: Revision question session (example exam Qs included)

Lesson 49: Revision question session 2 (example exam Qs included)

–End of complete recorded course–


*Please be aware this is not an assessed course and does not award the learner with an iGCSE in Biology at the end of it. Instead, it is designed just to help learners independently learn the content only for KS4/IGCSE level biology (along with revision), in the same way that tutoring does. If you do want to take the iGCSE Biology as a home educated student, this will need to be booked with your local exam centre as a private candidate when you feel you are ready. This course is designed to aid students in learning iGCSE Biology content only,  in a relaxed and flexible way, via pre-recorded videos. This course does not include feedback on any homework or marking of work, although “home learning ideas” are regularly suggested, to help spark inspiration for further revision. Due to the nature of this course, it tends to work best for self-motivated students who like to learn content in their own time, with much lower fees than using 1-1 tuition”.

*This course is based off IGCSE Edexcel Biology exam board content*.


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